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The Bookstellars’ Guide to the Best YA of 2017

Hello friends and welcome to our best of 2017 list! We are three booksellers who love YA (Allison, Rachel, and Shauna) and weren't entirely satisfied by many of the best of lists we had been seeing. SO we decided to make our own! Here are 51 of our favorites 🙂 The first 13 listed below… Continue reading The Bookstellars’ Guide to the Best YA of 2017

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Day 27: Classic Lit Inspired

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am a sucker for Shakespeare. But for the most part, that is where my "classic" knowledge ends (because LBR a lot of those books are by dead white dudes and they aren't actually super interesting). I love when current YA updates a classic and makes it… Continue reading Day 27: Classic Lit Inspired