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Day 29: A Little Friendly Competition

Competition makes anything interesting. I mean, look at The Hunger Games or the first Throne of Glass book, or 95% of Barney's lines on HIMYM (looking at you 'Challenge Accepted'). Here are some of my favorite books featuring competitions Once again, all titles in alphabetical order 🙂   Hardcovers Caraval by Stephanie Garber Whatever you've… Continue reading Day 29: A Little Friendly Competition


Feel the Love, Underrated YA

You know those books that you love so forcefully, that you shove onto everyone and you still feel like you are the only one who thinks about it on a daily basis? Well, if you don't, I certainly do. Here are 20 books I feel don't get as much attention as they could. Labyrinth Lost… Continue reading Feel the Love, Underrated YA