Floor 16

You exit the elevator and hear a voice that sounds very familiar.

Wait a second.


You run down the hallway, searching for Tom Hanks, when you hear another voice asking, “Are we really counting this as a classic film? I mean it came out in 1998”

You poke your head through the doorway you heard Tom Hanks coming from, and find two teenagers watching Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail on a laptop.

Disappointed about the lack of the IRL Tom Hanks, you sit down in the hallway and send a message to your secret penpal that you met on the Tom-Hanks-Fanz website.


The one guy Bailey Rydell can’t stand is actually the boy of her dreams—she just doesn’t know it yet.

Classic movie fan Bailey “Mink” Rydell has spent months crushing on a witty film geek she only knows online as Alex. Two coasts separate the teens until Bailey moves in with her dad, who lives in the same California surfing town as her online crush.

Faced with doubts (what if he’s a creep in real life—or worse?), Bailey doesn’t tell Alex she’s moved to his hometown. Or that she’s landed a job at the local tourist-trap museum. Or that she’s being heckled daily by the irritatingly hot museum security guard, Porter Roth—a.k.a. her new archnemesis. But life is a whole lot messier than the movies, especially when Bailey discovers that tricky fine line between hate, love, and whatever it is she’s starting to feel for Porter.

And as the summer months go by, Bailey must choose whether to cling to a dreamy online fantasy in Alex or take a risk on an imperfect reality with Porter. The choice is both simpler and more complicated than she realizes, because Porter Roth is hiding a secret of his own: Porter is Alex…Approximately

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