Couldn’t Wait 2019: Rachel Edition

Okay, I talked yesterday about the books I can’t wait to read, well here’s those friends I have already read or am currently reading. With the exception of the first, they’re in alphabetical order.


We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia (February, Katherine Tegen)

Look, if you only preorder one book on this list (and I mean, you should be excited for a lot more than that, they’re all great), it should be this one. It’s brutal and it’s gorgeous and it’s magnificent and I just really need everyone to flail about it with me.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo (May, HarperTeen)

Acevedo’s second book is just as beautiful as The Poet X, and it was magical because I could hear her voice in my ear reading it to me. Plus, the cover is so gooooood.

Girl Gone Viral by Arvin Ahmadi (May, Viking)

It’s rare to find a book where I legitimately have no idea where it’s going, and Ahmadi’s second book managed to pull me along for a wild ride. It’s very different from Down and Across but very good (and managed to fill the hole left by Warcross only being a duology!)

Internment by Samira Ahmed (March, Little Brown)

This book made me literally feel like I was going to throw up because it’s so terrifying. I don’t know if any other dystopian has ever given me that true sense of fear, and Samira wrote a masterpiece.

The Weight of Our Sky by Hanna Alkaf (February, Salaam)

I adore historical fiction and Hanna wrote an incredible one! Set in an era I will honestly admit I knew nothing about (the 1969 race riots in Kuala Lumpur) and featuring an MC with OCD, this book is a win on multiple levels (and yes, you will cry, thanks for asking)

Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak by Adi Alsaid (April, Inkyard)

This is my favorite book of Adi’s yet–featuring a reporter main character doing a story on those post-high school pre-college relationships after hers ends. It’s a fascinating study.

The Beauty of the Moment by Tanaz Bhathena (February, FSG)

I LOVED THIS! Very rom-com-y which, given A Girl Like That, I was not expecting. But it’s gorgeous, and if you’re obsessed with To All the Boys, you’ll love this one too.

The Wicked King by Holly Black (January, Little Brown)


Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy (March, Jimmy Patterson)

Listen, I am full on obsessed with this book, Amy Rose and Cori have created a queer Arthurian masterpiece and honestly reading it IS like finding the holy grail. I’m pretty sure Arthur couldn’t find the holy grail because it wasn’t published until March 2019

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi (January, Wednesday)

Historical magical puzzlequest masterpiece, I am obsessed and I need book two.

The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton (March, Freeform)

Dhonielle murdered me with The Belles, and fans will be thrilled to know that there is a lot of death and darkness in book two as well. You’re gonna be very worried about your faves. And it’s going to be amazing.

I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver (May, Push)

I know it’s said probably too often, but I truly believe this book is going to save lives. Mason has created a beautiful soul in this book and Ben is a precious cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.

Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan (April, Wednesday)

I say this in the best way possible, what the f*ck is this book and when can I have book two.

We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal (May, FSG)

Hafsah has already created such beautiful stuff, it should be no surprise her book is just as majestic. I love my murder bbs and am anxiously awaiting their next journey.

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman (April, Disney)

This book is the embodiment of a day so foggy you can’t see in front of you, and you just suddenly hear a strange noise.

A Place For Wolves by Kosoko Jackson (April, Sourcebooks)

The ending of this book destroyed me and I’m still freaking out about it. Queer historical thriller for the win.

Let Me Hear A Rhyme by Tiffany Jackson (May, Katherine Tegen)

So different from her other two books, but so good. 1998 Brooklyn, friends trying to create a music legacy via their late friend’s tracks.

The Afterward by E K Johnston (February, Dutton)

I always feel a little dizzy after reading any Johnston books, but it’s because the worldbuilding is so unique and majestic–this is no exception.

A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer (January, Bloomsbury)

I adored this Beauty and the Beast retelling and I really really really really need book two ASAP because the ENDING

Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers (February, HMH)

SYBELLA MY MURDER CHILD. I wasn’t aware I could want this before it was announced and reading it was like seeing a friend you’ve really been missing.

If You’re Out There by Katy Loutzenhiser (March, Balzer + Bray)

This was a sweet story that I think is going to go like wildfire amongst my library teens.

The Art of Losing by Lizzy Mason (February, Soho)

Lizzy is the publicity queen at Bloomsbury, and I’m so thrilled that now I get to promote her book because it’s amazing and has so many complicated, tough emotional questions and I LOVE IT.

There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon (May, Simon Pulse)

I am always here for the fat girl leads in YA and Sandhya so magnificently portrays all the microaggressions against Sweetie, and still gives her this beautiful, sweet romcom.

Don’t Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno (May, Disney)

This was one of my most anticipated 2019s and it did not disappoint. I love contemporaries that heavily lean into the family angle, and this is a beautiful blend of that and a romcom

Field Guide to the North American Teenager by Ben Philippe (January, Balzer + Bray)

This is like a perfect blend of John Green, Jason Reynolds, and David Arnold, and I’m here for it.

The Last 8 by Laura M Pohl (March, Sourcebooks)

I never ever want to be one of the last people on earth, but I did enjoy reading about them–and THOSE TWISTS

Ruse by Cindy Pon (March, Simon Pulse)

In case you are Patrick Star and live under a rock, Want was my favorite book of 2017, and picking this up felt like no time had passed and my favorite scifi bbs were a joy to learn more about.

The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston (April, Quirk)

I spent a lot of time after I finished this flailing in Ash’s text messages. If you loved Geekerella, or love those wild declaration-of-love scenes in teen movies, you’ll be just as obsessed.

The Opposite of Always by Justin A Reynolds (March, Katherine Tegen)


Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig (January, Feiwel and Friends)

Ocean’s 8 + Hamlet + Drag Queens = Happy Rachel

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson (June, Margaret K McElderry)

Margaret does it again, the writing is gorgeous, it’s got magic and a library, so I am 115% in love with this.

The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons (February, Tor Teen)

I love con books and I love Kristen books and this honestly is my favorite book of hers so far. It’s perfectly paced, and your heart will race!

Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye (January, Balzer + Bray)

I know I’ve said this about a lot of books already, but I NEED BOOK TWO

Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon (January, Simon Pulse)

Wowza, this book is so good. Rachel writes these books that are basically that string the fates hold up in Hercules when they pull it taut and try to cut it but it doesn’t work. Like you are stressed out the whole book, but it’s still this magical experience.

Sherwood by Meagan Spooner (March, HarperTeen)

I am always here for Robin Hood retellings

That’s Not What I Heard by Stephanie Kate Strohm (January, Scholastic)

Steph writes some of my favorite contemps, and this one (about a power-couple-breakup rumor swirling) is of course, stellar. And it has one of my favorite things as a subplot (two teachers falling in love!)

The Tiger at Midnight by Swati Teerdhala (April, Katherine Tegen)

Listen, I will read all the dual-POV fantasies that are available to me, I love them, and this one had super amazing worldbuilding!

EnchantΓ©e by Gita Trelease (February, Flatiron)


Shatter the Sky by Rebecca Kim Wells (July, Simon)

Bisexuality, dragons, this book is amazing and I’m obsessed.

Slayer by Kiersten White (January, Simon Pulse)

This book SLAYS

White Rose by Kip Wilson (April, Versify)

Lmao remember Past Rachel who hated novels-in-verse, yeah I barely do either. I’m always here for historical verse novels and NGL I have already book-talked this to some of my 8th graders.

The Girl King by Mimi Yu (January, Bloomsbury)

Mimi is amazing, this is great, and I love fantasies featuring family conflict!

Black Enough edited by Ibi Zoboi (January, Balzer + Bray)

This anthology is INCREDIBLE and the talent level is RIDICULOUSLY MINDBLOWING

Books I’ve started

The Beckoning Shadow by Kathryn Blair (July, Katherine Tegen)

I’m only a little bit in but WOW I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it.

The Beholder by Anna Bright (June, HarperTeen)

This was pitched as like Cinderella + Odyssey + Selection and listen, it’s amazing so far and I’m here for it.

Hello Girls by Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry (August, Katherine Tegen)

This has Bri’s name on it, so obviously it’s amazing so far (it’s also my first Emily Henry book, so that’s cool)

Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan (April, Putnam)

This is so cute so far and I can’t wait to finish it.

Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo (May, FSG)

Maurene books are perfect and I’m trying to savor but we all know I’m going to finish this ASAP

The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan (January, Scholastic)

This is reminding me of Written in the Stars, which I adore, so I’m liking it so far.

The Music of What Happens by Bill Konigsberg (February, Arthur A Levine)

Bill Konigsberg, y’all.

Nocturna by Maya Motayne (May, Balzer + Bray)

Latinx inspired fantasy and I’m LOVING it so far!


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