Rec-It List: Mamma Mia 2

One of the things in the world that makes me happy is the existence of the Mamma Mia films. I have seen the second in theaters so many times already, because it is just dance-inducing and all around fun even if it has no chronological logic. Just like I did with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Disney characters, I’m recommending each character from Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again three books.


*Minor spoilers for the second Mamma Mia film lie ahead, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be warned*

Sophie Sheridan

Sophie has a lot on her plate in the second film. I wanted to give her Summer Bird Blue, because it’s very much about a girl grieving the loss of a person she thought would always be there. Sophie also feels like she has to do everything perfectly so that her mom’s legacy will be intact, and so I want to give her The Weight of Our Sky. And Here We Are Now is on here because I really wanted a daughter/parent story on here, since that is so at the core of these movies, and I love this story of a daughter learning about the father who has never been there.

Donna Sheridan

Young Donna is vivacious and spunky and I love her, so we have to give her some stellar books to match up. I think she’d love Digby in Trouble is a Friend of Mine and would definitely cackle while reading The Way You Make Me Feel. I’d also give her Brazen because I think she’d appreciate the badass women who came before her.


Ah, Rosie the writer. Let’s be real, Rosie is who I relate to the most of Donna & the Dynamos, which is what makes Upside of Unrequited such a perfect fit. In terms of writing, I think Rosie would be intrigued by Lucy and Linh. And doesn’t she seem like the type of person who would just love a good thriller (hence The Cheerleaders)?


Tanya is glamour and glitz and so what else could we give her other than The Belles? Well, I think she’d enjoy the friendship at the heart of Foolish Hearts, especially because it involves the stage. And It’s Not Me, It’s You seems like an appropriate book for someone who has been married and divorced three times.


Okay well young Sam sucks, TBH so we gotta give him Picture Us in the Light and point out that secrets can backfire hard. And he’s getting The Wish Granter to remind him that men make terrible decisions and that women make better heroes anyway (listen, the dude was literally engaged I don’t care how he felt about that engagement, it still existed). And finally, The Star Touched Queen because Sam more than anyone needs reminders that fate is not predetermined.


I love young Bill and think he’d be a big adventure book person. Isle of Blood and Stone is a perfect fit, because it involves maps and the sea and that’s Bill’s forte. But I think he’d also get a kick out of Rebel Seoul and We Hunt the Flame, both of which I am obsessed with and feature powerful guys and powerful girls, matching the dynamic between him and Donna nicely.


My sweet baby Harry. Nothing is cuter than that Waterloo number. Statistical Probability seems like a sure bet, since he’s convinced enough that Donna is for him that he literally does an entire musical number inside a French restaurant and then follows her to Greece. I think Harry would also very much relate to Jamie Watson from A Study in Charlotte. Mostly, I’d love to give Harry Darius the Great is Not Okay, because gotta give lil baby queer something that fits him, and Darius certainly does.


That’s it! What would you recommend your favorite Mamma Mia 2 character? Is Dancing Queen now stuck in your head? I offer no apologies and instead say “you are welcome”


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