The Brooklyn Nine Nine Rec-It List

If you’re feeling lonely after the end of season five of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NINE NIIIINE!), this is a blog post for you. Just like with my Disney Character Rec-It List, this post features the three YA books I’d recommend to each character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Jake Peralta


A few things I know about Jake: 1. He loves heists, 2. He loves the Skyfire Cycle, 3. He LOVES solving mysteries. So clearly, his three books had to cover those three things. For the first, we have the ultimate heist YA novel (Six of Crows) that is also set in a fantasy world, covering both items 1 and 2. Plus, it’s about breaking someone out of prison, and after Jake’s time in prison, I feel like it would be a welcome fantasy. Then to round out number two, we have Children of Blood and Bone, because it’s noice. For the third, we have to go with Allegedly, which would keep Jake guessing and theorizing until the end about what is the truth.

Amy Santiago



Amy is completely a different direction from Jake, as each of her three books involve history in some way. Blood Water Paint is the story of a feminist painter in Baroque Italy, which seems very up Amy’s alley. The Last Magician has a TON of different threads in it, includes time travel, history, and epic searching, and so puzzle-loving Amy would love piecing it together. And The Girl From Everywhere has a love of maps, which I think would tickle Amy’s fancy pretty well.

Rosa Diaz


Giving Inkmistress to Rosa was the book that prompted this idea–who else could so perfectly appreciate a book about both bisexuality and murderous dragons? And I Darken would also be great because it’s about a female Vlad the Impaler and has a spear on the cover. And Three Dark Crowns seems…well, is it weird to say I feel like Rosa would enjoy a dark fantasy book about sisters trying to kill each other?

Gina Linetti


Gina is a little all over the place. Of course we have to have It’s Not Me, It’s You in there because it is entirely told in dialogue and Gina loves to talk. Sadie is in there because I don’t doubt there was a point in time she would have listened to Serial and ignored her job. And Warcross is on there because I needed a wild card since Gina is hard to predict, but she’d make a book club just to talk about this book and then make a dance based on it.

Raymond Holt


Ugh the conversations Holt would have about Long Way Down! I wish I could hear them. I feel Jason Reynolds’ writing would be a perfect fit for Holt, and especially the poetry that is Long Way Down. He would also super enjoy Outrun the Moon since it’s about a historical event (1906 San Fransisco earthquake), and he could use the word plucky to describe it’s heroine. Try telling me you can’t hear Holt saying plucky. Finally, we have Black Wings Beating, because I figure if anything could get Holt into fantasy it’s a fantasy featuring birds and a gay protagonist.

Terry Jeffords


Imagine Terry walking through a bookstore and picking up A Blade So Black, and eventually giving it to his daughters, showing them that they can be just like Alice in Wonderland, but even more kickass than the traditional Disney-fied version. Makes me cry just thinking about it. Plus, since Terry loves fantasy, we have to give Terry both The Belles and A Crown of Wishes, since he’d adore both of the worlds, and both give him interesting puzzles to work through.

Charles Boyle


Ah, Boyle. North of Happy was the most obvious choice, since it delves into the world of food. Stay Sweet would be a book where people would be like “why is this grown man reading this?” and then there’d be a whole episode devoted to a takedown of the toxic masculinity behind that sentiment (and that Charles is relatively immune to). And since friendship is so important to Boyle, we have to give him The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik, about a friendship so strong it literally is based on an IRL friendship.



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