Adventures in Manga

Hi Friends!

So at the beginning of this month, I took on a full time job as a teen librarian! It’s been a pretty big shift, though luckily it is at the library I was already working part time at, so at least I already knew all the teens.

While I was fully confident in my collection development abilities and knowledge for upcoming YA, the one section I wasn’t quite sure about was our manga–since, well, I had never read one! But our teens are obsessed. One teen currently has about 60 volumes of something checked out. It’s a lot.

So here is where I’ll be keeping track of my manga reading.

Case Closed

Case Closed is my favorite manga so far. It’s about a teen detective, Jimmy, who is super good at what he does. Unfortunately, he gets tracked down by mysterious men in black, who administer a serum that turns him into a grade schooler. So he goes by the alias of Conan and helps his classmate’s PI father solve crimes, while pretending he’s just a normal kid.

I’m a sucker for mysteries, and these feel like a cute detective show. I love them a whole lot and am currently working on the fourth volume.

Fruits Basket


So this is the one pretty much EVERYONE told me to read when I asked on Twitter. And…I liked it but don’t care enough to continue? It’s a girl who moves in with classmates who sometimes turn into animals of the Zodiac. A lot of people seem to love it. I’m just eh.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

I loved this one, and from what I hear it only gets better. In the first bit I was definitely skeptical but it strayed from my expectations and that was wonderful. I’m currently reading volume 2. A peniless orphan becomes a magician’s apprentice. Magical, lovely, can’t wait to read more.

Yona of the Dawn


Betrayal, war, royalty. I mean, pretty much everything I love in kingdom-set stories. After witnessing her fathers murder, Yona has to flee. I don’t have volume two checked out right now, but I might go back to this one.

Ouran High School Host Club


I was reading this at the library and one of my teens told me that she read the first one and “couldn’t finish it because what even was going on” and honestly that about sums this up for me. She did like the anime better, so maybe that’s the route for this one.

QQ Sweeper


This is just a trilogy and honestly that’s so relaxing. I’m already so stressed looking at the 16K volumes of all these mangas…Anyway I’m a messy person so I’m not sure why I picked up a manga about cleaning (I mean I know why its because my awesome friend Hal recced it) but it’s cute and I’ll def read volumes 2 and 3.



Just started this one today but liking it so far.

(TWs for the first section: there is a lot of bullying and the MC stating she wishes she was dead).

Blue Exorcist


Also just started this one, and I can already tell I’m gonna be obsessed with this one too.

Checked Out from Library, But Not Started Yet

Have you read any manga? What are some of your favorites?


3 thoughts

  1. So many on here I want to read! And I totally feel you on Host Club, but I do want to watch the anime. My favorite teen manga are InuYasha (my first Anime) and FullMetal Alchemist. I also love Library Wars if you want an adult manga, though I think it’s suitable to recommend for teens, it’s just got a slightly older cast.


  2. I think you should check out both Horimiya and Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Horimiya for the painfully accurate awkwardness of being a teen with feelings and Nozaki-kun for all the laughs.


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