Waiting Their Turn on the Shelf

Hi Friends!

Today’s post is featuring some backlist titles that have been sitting on my bookshelf for a while that I really need to get to. These books all seem great but for one reason or another I just haven’t read them yet.

Update: Titles in red means that since this post went up I have read them 🙂

Ball Don’t Lie

ball don't lie

Matt is awesome and I love The Last Stop on Market Street, I just have yet to read his YA stuff. I own them all though, because once again Matt is awesome.

Beauty Queens

beauty queens

Libba Bray is the queen of my universe because of The Diviners and the Gemma Doyle trilogy, so it may shock some to discover I haven’t read this one yet. And now it’s weird to read since my sister is doing pageants…

The Summer Prince

summer prince

This is one of those where I bought it and was like “I SHALL READ THIS RIGHT AWAY” but obviously that hasn’t happened. It does sound very different from most of the stuff on my shelves though, and I’m still very excited about it.

Under the Never Sky

under the never sky

I love Riders and a whole lot of my friends love Veronica’s first series, so here we are. I just recently have acquired this whole trilogy and I sense a binge read coming on.

Story of OwenThe-Story-of-Owen

Article 5

article 5

Kristen is one of my fave humans and I love both The Glass Arrow and Metaltown, but I still haven’t read Article 5. But, I own the whole series and the next time I’m in the mood for dystopian, this is what I’m reaching for.

Prodigy & Champion

When I originally read Legend, I went right into book two…and then got about halfway through and stopped. Now, after finishing the great graphic novel adaptations, I think I might go back and finish the original novels.

Girl Against the Universe

girl against the universe

I loved Paula’s trilogy that she wrote as Fiona Paul (infinitely salty that the 3rd never came out in paperback and robbed me of a matching set) and Girl Against the Universe has been sitting on my shelf since release. I know it will be good, it’s just one I have to be in the right head space to read.

What’s Left of Me

whats left of me

I got this one close to release because Kat came to my bookstore, but I never finished it. However, I love the concept and have since gotten more into sci-fi, so it’s time to try again!

Dreams of Gods & Monsters

dreams of gods and monsters

So I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone twice because I didn’t get it the first time. I also didn’t get it the second time. But then I just moved on to book two and that was way better, so I’ll likely pick up the third book soon.



Highly Illogical Behavior and Where Things Come Back are two of my favorites, but for some reason I haven’t picked up Noggin yet.

Under a Painted Sky


I loved The Secret of a Heart Note and everything about this one screams that I will love it. I can’t wait.

The Darkest Corners

darkest corners

To be perfectly fair I know the exact reason I haven’t picked this up yet–I am a wimp when it comes to being creeped out/scared and I have been told this might do both things. But I will read it because I love Kara

Lock & Key, Along for the Ride, What Happened to Goodbye, The Moon & More

Other than these four, I’ve read all of Sarah Desssen’s books. These guys I am saving for rainy days.

The Weight of Feathers

But Rachel, you are obsessed with When the Moon Was Ours and Wild Beauty. You mean to tell us you haven’t read her first book?

Well, yes. And I will read this one at some point. But the idea of not being able to read new Anna-Marie words just by reaching out onto my shelf is sad.


What’s sitting on your shelf that you still need to read?

Anything on my list that you’ve loved?



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